Have you ever felt the buzz of being approached to work for another organisation?  Often this is preceded by out-of-the-blue phone calls, clandestine meetings, and a lot of praise for your abilities coupled with an exaggerated description of contradictions, “… with your experience and skill-set (ugh), you’ll have no trouble meeting the demands of this high-powered role, but you’ll still be challenged to achieve, I’m sure.”

Before you dive in head-first, work through your checklist for new jobs:

  1. Is this an organisation that faithfully represents what your industry is about?
  2. Is this an industry that you want to remain a part of in your next move?
  3. Does the job seem too good to be true?
  4. Why is there a vacancy that you’d not heard about?
  5. To whom will you be reporting, and what is their reputation like?
Of course, there is always the chance that someone is handing you your dream job, so if you’re research tells you this: go for it, but be prepared to stick around for awhile.  This new employer won’t appreciate you moving on just as quickly (unless they expect you to), and other companies in the business will be watching to see if you deliver and if you are all that they say you are.
Good luck.