So, it’s twenty-eleven and the previous year either ended with weather upheaval, or the new year started with climate disaster. But the show must go on, so if you’ve been reviewing your business plan in light of resources and man-power and have decided that life would be easier in your business unit/department/office with an extra person, or persons, read on…

The Catch-22 about hiring new people is that the process can take precious time away from doing the things that make you money, which is the reason you decided to hire in the first place. So what do you do?

  1. Consider the type of tasks that you need done to free you up (What are the critical processes?)
  2. What processes need special skills?
  3. What processes can be learned quickly?
  4. What type of person is usually attracted to your employment advertisements? Do these people work out? If not, why not?
  5. Is there a logic to the grouping of responsibilities in your organisation, or are they allocated according to the talents of the person in the role?

Before you tear your hair out, or something equally drastic, consider forming a planned checklist:

  1. Feasibly, how many hours’ worth of work needs to be done?
  2. Is the work diverse, requiring an array of skills or expertise?
  3. Is this work seasonal or most of the year (based on previous experience)?
  4. Who do you know who might do some of this work? Could they recommend someone short or long term?
  5. Who in your current organisation/network is looking for a challenge?
  6. What training will this person need to start work with you?

This checklist helps to quantify the magnitude of your recruitment planning and to offer alternatives that you might have overlooked.

Now imagine your business or department operating with your new recruits; imagine going home on time and being able to focus on the task to get it done and meet those deadlines.  Feels good, doesn’t it?