• Recruitment & Selection:

    Permanent Recruitment and Selection service on size-of-business price basis for technical, operational and executive Keepers

  • Verification

    Résumé and qualification investigation service for peace of mind during negotiation and selection

  • Induction

    Upon recruitment of your Keeper, Geeks R Good can undertake a tailored induction programme, such that your investment is ready to start on the first day

  • Training

    Geeks R Good develops in-house training programmes for company-specific needs, industry updates and legislative changes

  • Performance Management

    System set up and implementation for evaluating individual performance against responsibilities and KPI’s, or managing disciplinary action or dispute resolution

  • Professional Development

    Tailored programmes for key individuals wishing to fast-track their corporate responsibilities and rewards

  • IR Advice

    Navigating the do’s and don’ts of workplace legislation for mutually fair outcomes

  • Group Development

    Building long-term corporate learning and development enacting company strategy for your greatest asset