• Risk Management

    Geeks R Good develops and implements Risk Management Systems to produce a positive effect to production, sustainability and profitability

  • System Development

    Preparation and design of Integrated Management Systems or stand alone units to improve efficiency and communication in the business

  • Technical Documentation

    Material Safety Data Sheets, Technical Data Sheets, Dangerous Goods Labels, and other technical information sources including: laboratory manuals, methods of test, and certificate of analysis design

  • Regulatory Reporting

    Responses to authorities audits, technical claims, legislative interpretation, and chemical website news or client communication contributions

  • Dangerous Goods Assistance

    Geeks R Good can provide advice in managing Dangerous Goods compliance for transport, warehousing, procurement, and sales

  • Technical Assistance

    For formulation advice, health and safety information, testing, equipment and industry information, Geeks R Good can direct your investigation, or source the information you seek as a matter of course

  • Product Development

    For preliminary Research and Development or product improvement programmes, Geeks R Good can design, initiate, and run projects targeting specific needs or outcomes

  • Project Management

    Development, planning, reporting, implementation, resourcing, and budget management for the duration of the project