About Us

Geeks R Good is a belief, not just a name. We are interested in fostering and contributing to advances in manufacturing through a company’s greatest asset: the people. We achieve our contributions through a variety of Human Resource functions including recruitment and training extending through strategic disciplines such as performance management and professional development. We can consult to your business in times of planning or crisis and be responsible for the effect it has for you, your team, and your longevity.

For one-off services or broader projects, Geeks R Good can be your ‘remote HR Manager’ or specialist support as you require. Please contact us for a free consultation.

Are You A Seeker?

Consider yourself a Seeker. Seekers have a unique culture, business strategy, planning and set of expectations. Seekers are the organisations that are intent on making a difference in their industry through performance excellence, innovation and business integrity. Seekers are genuine organisations that are committed to safety, the environment and sustainability.

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Are You A Keeper?

Consider yourself a Keeper. Keepers are unique in experience, skills and abilities, work preferences and expectations. Keepers are the people who are intent on making a difference in their work sphere through performance excellence, work ethic and their integrity. Keepers are real people who are committed to their goals and sense of innovation and creativity for new things.

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Who are GeeksRGood?

Our Mission
To right the wrongs.
Our Vision
To be the industry’s first port of call for HR Services by doing the right things right.
Director Profile
Lisa Bateson is an experienced consultant to Human Resource Management projects of all varieties. An industrial chemist with a career spanning seventeen years, the last nine in her own business, Lisa has worked alongside businesses to build compliant Integrated Management Systems, incorporating HR processes. With a focus in chemical manufacturing, where much of the HR function is controlled by payroll and entitlements, the Geeks R Good reporting and procedures are bourn of out of regulatory obligations to Workplace Health and Safety, Dangerous Goods Safety Management, and Industrial Relations legislation, where Lisa has been able to combine Performance Management for individuals and teams to develop comprehensive mechanisms to manage business and HR risks and engender a cultural shift for organisations seeking to create better operations with profitable and sustainable future.

Our Services                 Allied Services

• Recruitment & Selection                    • Risk Management
• Verification                                              • System Development
• Induction                                                 • Technical Documentation
• Training                                                    • Regulatory Reporting
• Performance Management                  • Dangerous Goods Assistance
• Professional Development                  • Technical Assistance
• IR Advice                                                 • Product Development
• Group Development                             • Project Management