Selecting a consultant: Part 1

Choosing the best consultant for your business needs can be a daunting, if not harrowing task. It’s tempting to jump straight in, do a quick Google search, make a call and be done with it. But how do you know if you’ve selected the right person for the job? Many of your fears can be allayed if you’re clear about what you want and need before you pick up the phone.

Have You Considered Consulting?

While this phrase may, for some, sound like the death-nell of their chosen career, consulting may be a way of fulfilling those professional dreams before the year ages much more and those New Year’s Resolutions become just a memory.  So what do you want to achieve in 2011?  For some, it may be that larger, in some cases, life-threatening impacts have shifted your focus, and for others, it may mean that you’re seeking a fresh start.  Don’t know where to being?