Have you ever felt the buzz of being approached to work for another organisation?  Often this is preceded by out-of-the-blue phone calls, clandestine meetings, and a lot of praise for your abilities coupled with an exaggerated description of contradictions, “… with your experience and skill-set (ugh), you’ll have no trouble meeting the demands of this high-powered role, but you’ll still be challenged to achieve, I’m sure.”

Before you dive in head-first, work through your checklist for new jobs:

  1. Is this an organisation that faithfully represents what your industry is about?
  2. Is this an industry that you want to remain a part of in your next move?
  3. Does the job seem too good to be true?
  4. Why is there a vacancy that you’d not heard about?
  5. To whom will you be reporting, and what is their reputation like?