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The services that we provide are for companies looking for real solutions to real workplace problems, such as permanent recruitment in manufacturing and allied industries, Industrial Relations Advice and navigating the changing workplace, performance management and professional development, and optimisation and change management coaching or projects.

In addition, as a function of the length and breadth of experience in the chemical industry of our principal, our allied services assist many businesses to meet their regulatory and compliance obligations efficiently and effectively.

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Geeks R Good was established for the purpose of assisting those in science and engineering industries to access Human Resources Services from people who understand their background, makeup, and motivations; people who have experienced the same education, workplaces, and career impacts. Geeks R Good was founded by a ‘geek’ and the systems and processes built from personal experience, both good and bad.

Geeks R Good: ‘It takes one to know one’.

Are You A Seeker?

Consider yourself a Seeker. Seekers have a unique culture, business strategy, planning and set of expectations. Seekers are the organisations that are intent on making a difference in their industry through performance excellence, innovation and business integrity. Seekers are genuine organisations that are committed to safety, the environment and sustainability.

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Are You A Keeper?

Consider yourself a Keeper. Keepers are unique in experience, skills and abilities, work preferences and expectations. Keepers are the people who are intent on making a difference in their work sphere through performance excellence, work ethic and their integrity. Keepers are real people who are committed to their goals and sense of innovation and creativity for new things.

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As an enthusiastic and professional member of the industry, Lisa offers a wealth of experience and contacts to genuinely assist clients in building their technical teams and businesses. 

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Industry News

Choosing the best consultant for your business needs can be a daunting, if not harrowing task. It’s tempting to jump straight in, do a quick Google search, make a call and be done with it. 

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